Body By Vi Shake Recipes

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About Me

My husband and I began the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge in June 2012, to lose weight and get our health back on track. So far, we’ve each had success with replacing 2 meals per day with Body by Vi shakes, and then eating a reasonable meal. We started out by using the 100 shake recipes or so floating out on the web, but decided to venture out and create some of our own recipes. My vision of this blog is to share those recipes!

About Visalus and the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

ViSalus is challenging the world to set a personal goal and make health a priority for at least 90 days.  It’s as easy as setting a 90 day goal and choosing which of the four ViSalus Body by Vi™ Challenge Kits fits with your goal.

Because each kit centers around the Vi-Shape meal replacement shake, we won’t be adding any additional cost to our budgets. We’re simply taking the money we currently spend on eating out and grocery bills and putting it toward a simpler, faster, and much healthier option!

On top of saving money on food bills, they have a program called Refer 3, Get Your Next Month Free! Simply refer three others to the same or greater Challenge Kit as you, and they’ll ship your next kit for free! Maintain 3, and your products are always FREE!

Who do you know right now that may want to lose a few pounds, build some lean muscle, or maybe just focus on their health with you for 90 days? I bet you know more than 3… so you can earn your product for FREE!

Learn more through my Body by Vi site…



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